This is 6 pcs. kitchen scales February 2011

Kitchen Stuff project in progress We have only just started but perpetri is already relieved doing this project. It is simple and it is happy and it does not think the slightest about whether it is art or not (it is in fact). A series of kitchen scales, a series of olive oil cans and so on, with a twist selbstverst√§ndlich. 

Call it pop art, call it graphics, call it 6 pcs. kitchen scales. The red one is manufactured by the Swiss/German company Schwamm AG and is especially good for weighing salmon, flour, walnuts and sugar. The pajamas striped is good for midnight snack and the green one from Cipriano & Puffo calls for weighing different kinds of pasta (what a silly remark).

If they were real kitchen scales they would probably all come in nice boxes.