Some talking on wall decoration "Monsieur - The French Guest Professor", June 2019

The wall painting "Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)" never came in either of these combinations, June 2019

Still considering The Italian Project, June 2019

Evening versions of the 4 'Bispehaven'-illustrations, May 2019

4 handheld renderings for Bispehaven - a Danish city transformation project, May 2019

The early sketches - illustrating the Bispehaven Development Project, Mayors Department Aarhus, April 2019

“The Party” is being painted, April 2019

"The Fireplace" is being painted, April 2019

Considering the Italian project, March 2019

"The Party" is under construction, March 2019

Details - "The Party", March 2019

The total prestudy for the mural and art decoration "The Party", March 2019

"The Fireplace" is intended as a 'warming' decor, February 2019

"The Party" becomes turquoise blue, February 2019

6 color studies for the mural and art decoration "The Party", February 2019

“The Party” - Color experimenting in black and red, February 2019

"The Fireplace" is wall decoration number 6 on the EAAA, Jannuary 2019

From party to sauna - a new art work on The Climate in sight, January 2019

Wall art piece number 4 on the EAAA on its way to completion, November 2018

The wall painting "Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)" - BLANC ou BLEU? November 2018

"Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)" is ready for getting painted on the wall - BLANC ou NOIR?, November 2018

Tegningsunderlaget til udsmykning no.4 - den horisontale del - snart færdig, Oktober 2018

Grantræerne i udsmykningen "Hvad laver I?, Oktober 2018

Udsmykning no.3 på EAAA under udførelse, Oktober 2018

Tegningsunderlaget til "Hvad laver I?" - udsmykning no.3 på EAAA - blev færdig i nat, September 2018

Udsmykning no.2 på EAAA - "Alle vil mødes på Sønderhøj" - under udførelse, Juni 2018