Siemens and perpetri april 09

The Siemens Art Decor Concept Siemens´ headquarters for wind power is situated in Denmark and i
t is now official that Siemens Wind Power is running an invited multi staged art interior competition.

perpetri is happy to announce being one of four invited artists/designers competing on who to do the large art interior
for the new large atrium in the center of the large wind power research and production complex just outside the town of Brande.

perpetri's art proposal goes for 200m2 art panels = 6 free style iconic scenes with lots of wind turbines, sky, air, people, lines and dialogue, and engineering-like details and calculations. Between reality and fiction, sceneries from Siemens Wind Power life twisted by perpetri.

As lighting "dots",
drifting on the large atrium walls, the red-orange-yellow wind turbines are allowed to float upside down and to be temporally inhabited by two people loving each other and to be visited by a maintenance team in a balloon.

Counting for all the elements in the art works: There is nothing abstract about the single elements of the scenes, but they are drawn in a conscious innocent, simple way, and arranged with a sort of lightweight anarchy.

The scenes of the 6 art works deals with an all-in-one beauty - the engineering-technical meets the poetry of a breeze meets humour meets Louise from sales department meets … 6 multi levelled complex yet simple and straightforward sceneries.

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