Very large painting almost ready april 2010

The Aagaard Wall Decorating part 2 An alpine landscape all of a sudden where you wouldn't expect it (in a gently hilly-flat area in Denmark), a pilot making a remark to the control tower, a stewardess noting "I knew it", back on the ground a taverna-like party hardly surprised by the fact that the haute cuisine catering guys have only brought one cover. 

We are only a few days away from putting the final large scale print (5x3 m) up on the wall. DamgaardJensen is working on the printing process transferring the original onto industrial tarpaulin, blacksmiths are working on the aluminium construction, and carpenters are working on the purely white giant frame. 

The work will be inaugurated the 7th of May. Stay tuned for the final version, photos and more almost pedantic explanations.