Vestas and perpetri June 2010

The Vestas Art Decorating Concept part 1 Back in January 2010 Vestas Wind Systems calls in perpetri to do a Art concept sketch proposal for the brand new Blades Technology building complex, Denmark. 13 art panels to be distributed along a 80 metres long central gallery and 5 wall drawings to be sprinkled around in the areas of administration and research. perpetri takes on this assignment and the parallel investigation of parallel fields takes off. Vestas international core values, local Vestas culture and all sorts of details. 13 art panels starts to emerge. Working title: Working Blades - Working Vestas. A number of straight forward art concept conclusions:  Clear minimalistic graphic expression, avoid the filled picturesque, apart from black and a lot of white at maximum only two continuous colours lets say vestas-red and vestas-grey,  multi layered contents including the poetic beauty of the blades, the sky, the wind, the world of engineering figures, numbers, diagrams, the everyday talking going on in the labs and production halls. Not completely without a touch of humour. 13 art scenes from real life Vestas. Daring simple yet complex but according to perpetri the very right thing to do. 

Right above one of the 13 scenes in its initial phase and still on the work table.
Stay tuned for more on the perpetri-Vestas assignment.