the 'Twin Peaks in Danish'-wall drawing is turning into a movie june 2010

The Hinnerup Wall Drawing part 2 Not a real movie we must most certainly underline, but an imaginary one. The concept is simple: The Twin Peaks in Danish-wall drawing - soon to be inaugurated, and named "The Doctor is Okay Nice" (not to be confused with the french nouvelle vague and awkward "The Doctor is in Nice" from -67) - is now to be regarded as the official film trailer (in HD) announcing the coming box office movie called, yes exactly, "The Doctor is Okay Nice". A Hollywood production with a certain gentle, quiet, but also humoristic and unrestrained even wild tone to it, setting up a mingling gallery of fully ordinary characters as they are simply living their lives on lets say a Thursday around 4 pm, in this case, in the small provincial town of Hinnerup (so mysteriously surrounded by forests as deep and endless as they get in Denmark), but you know, it could be anywhere, a wall drawing/film trailer on small town Bad Iburg Germany, fashionable Zürich Switzerland or lets say rustic Banne, the forest surrounded village likewise Hinnerup but after all much smaller than Hinnerup in the überFrench region of lucky Ardeche where Monsieur Grufaux has just reopened the bar/café after some trouble with the electricity.

Therefore introducing a typical movie poster element, you know the one with the title and all the names on starring and co starring actors and executive producers, which will be added just underneath the forest next to the 5 metres long red shape representing actual Hinnerup, and just above the 3 boys lying in wait to get a glimpse of the new health centre (the 5 doctors house). If you follow.