Aaaaaaand.........Action! July 2010

The Cycling Project part 4 We are sixty kilometres north of Paris. This is take 17 of the very first shot for the film 'I remember Compiegne so much'. Monsieur Okbobo plays the leading role (the cycling photographer). He can't remember a word. In fact that means he can't remember the lines. Look carefully at the picture. Monsieur Okbobo is standing in the middle of the picture just about to cross the street. In a few minutes all the riders will pass by. Everything is in place including the large background set design by perpetri (which also happens to be one of the five Basic Time Trial art works to be launched in Rouleur Magazine later this year). Not to mention all the other actors, mainly citizens from Compiegne itself. Notice the right hand of Monsieur Okbobo. This is the gesture of a man who for the seventeenth time realizes that not even a single word from his first line for the first scene of his and his fellow companions first film will come to his mind. After this take we gave up. Not disappointed, just happy about these in retrospect absolutely absurd days.