perpetri published in Rouleur Magazine, February 2011

The Cycling Project part 6 Look out for Rouleur Magazine issue 22. It is being released round the world these days. Rouleur is the finest cycle racing magazine on Earth and the Four Danes Group,  Jørgen Leth, Jakob Kristian Sørensen, Morten Okbo and Per Petri are contributing with a special thing. 4 combined yet individual spots on the art of Time Trialling. 

The perpetri part goes under the title 'The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5'. The 5 Papers goes for a bit by bit description of the very essentials (and maybe not so essential essentials) about the time trial rider, what's inside the time trial rider, what's around the time trial rider and so on, as he hurtles through the landscape. In style and spirit 
like kind of (legendary) notes, by the way recently recovered in various mundane places round Europe. Actually a Basic Paper no.6 still needs to be recovered to make the series complete. It is supposed to depict a time trial seen from above and should bear the obvious title 'The Riders go round' (as they mostly do in a time trial). The latest assumption (regarding the hiding place of the sixth Paper) points out the rear end of a garage just a few kilometres south of Milan. That's what we have heard, so stay tuned. 

The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 aim at catching not only cycling matters but Life in general. The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 favour the horizontal because the riders move horizontally through the landscapes (well, you know what I mean, the movement is horizontal, well, apart from when riding in the mountains, now it gets complicated). The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5 go for the thrilling bright, powerful mix of colours we know from the world of cycling.

The Rouleur Magazine issue 22 is available online Rouleur Magazine, Rapha and in stockists round the world. If you are in Denmark go for Wood Wood Copenhagen. Leth, Jakob, Morten and perpetri will meet and celebrate one of these evenings and probably talk about what on earth to come up with when the classics set in.

The Basic Time Trials Papers are for sale/ exhibition perpetri considers the current five Basic Time Trial Papers as artworks which will do super well on a wall. We have tested it, as you see in the picture above. Mr. Jakob Kristian Sørensen, by the way, walking. So for sure they are for sale / exhibition through a direct perpetri studio-to-customer/collector/exhibitor-connection. We propose a large scale framed print (one exclusive large scale framed print on industrial tarpaulin - basicly the Freitag bag material - per Basic TT Paper, size could be 3x4 metres). For any request please feel free to contact perpetri.