Most of the larger airplane works digitally remastered August 2010

The Airplanes Except from the very large 'We are flying into the night, but that is also a bit cosy' (more than 2 metres wide and impossible to remaster from a low quality photo) we are now able to present - as you see above - 6 of the larger airplane works at a time and in a better quality. We are still fond of their overall airplane theme and their description of what is being said between the pilot and his co-pilot, and between the pilot and the stewardess. In particular we are fond of the sincerely and growing relationship between the stewardess and the pilot. The work titles go approximately like this:

'Constance, what's the weather forecast here at 35000 feet, and between the two of us, a wonderful night is on it's way. It starts to get dark'.
'How many times must I say it, we do not fly upside down'.
'Why have we turned around? the stewardess asks'.
'(Zürich Zürich Bern). The pilot says: Clouds come from thermal buoyance, do you understand that? It is not just the night coming? says the stewardess. Aaaah yes. Of course'.
'The pilot says: I am always so touched when the sun goes down. The stewardess listens and says: Hmmmn'.
'The stewardess and the pilot look down upon the Earth. She thinks it looks like a tablecloth. That he can also easily see, he says, while he prepares for Berlin lightly cloudy 18 degrees'.