'There is not enough space for that deer (if it's a deer at all)' - All of Us, September 2010

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 Jean Paul (Claude) is preparing dinner in the kitchen, Britt-Inger is cross with her husband while they are having guests, Jens Erik is on his way home but can not get to be home till six o'clock, Tut is feeling good while the evening sets off and Inspector Barnaby is on TV and so it continues. Lets call it daily life. You know the daily life all of us takes part in. More or less. And lets imagine a series of art works simply showing that daily life. Right now we are working on that. We call the project "The Basic All of Us Papers" (in short terms just "All of Us"). Here you have the one with Jean Paul (Claude). It comes in two versions because we haven't yet closed the work. Right now we think both versions are nice. Yes, we are even thinking of a third version.

nb. A translation of the Danish title (written in the lower left corner) for the Jean Paul work goes like: "There is not enough space for that deer (if it's a deer at all)".