perpetri opens office in Sutri Italy, October 2010

The European small places projectTravel & Work 
Opening will be on Sunday October 31. You are welcome to join for a little snack on the balcony. Intense work will take place during the following days, accompanied partly by the almost unbearable weight of impressions you always get when being in a place so different from home, partly by the good company of fellow companions Morten and Jakob. Thursday November 4. the office will close down in late evening, before catching the flight back to Denmark. 

Focus during the Italian days, will be on the further development of the project: A line of unusual portraits of small places in Europe. The small town of Hinnerup, Denmark, was the first. The small town of Sutri, Italy, is hopefully the next. Banne in Ardeche, France, could be the third. Bad Iburg in Teutoburger Wald, Germany the fourth. And so on. Arrivederci.