Probably 5 of the world's finest cycle racing art works ready now, October 2010

The Cycle Racing Project part 5 This is a preview. Five artworks, five combined tributes to cycle racing and Life. The international publishing will take place later this year. We will for sure get back to that. Right now our biggest concern is what to do about the five. Should they go for an exhibition, a large scale event, should they be sold directly to cycle racing aficionados. Do cycle racing aficionados like pictures like these. One thing is for certain, we very much like the five just placed in a row on a white wall. A large one (the wall). In that way they (the five Time Trial Papers) remind us of the colourful formation of a peloton flowing though a landscape. 

We asked our dear friend Jakob to take a walk in front of the five. This is how it looks. He walks in a nice way we think.