Decisive Kitchen Moments, November 2010

Decisive Kitchen Moments 1-10 It gets more and more clear that the works of perpetri basicly are shaped in series. It really does. As the evening goes 1-20, While driving in open cars 1-42, The Basic Time Trial Papers 1-5, The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 just to mention a few. Furthermore it seems as if one work from one series suddenly calls out for being the first work of a new series. And so it develops. Much like the pattern on the board when you are playing scrabble (the bit boring board game you remember very well, but haven't played in many years). Just to give you an example: While working on The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 a new series takes off (only a few weeks ago). The scene of Jean Paul (Claude) preparing something with deer in a modern kitchen, is surely a scene which fits into the All of Us concept of catching our daily life in general, but it equally fits into a series specifically focused on catching scenes from modern life in modern kitchens. A series of artworks taking place in the modern kitchen. Wauw. That has not been done before, probably no one will ever do it, so now we have to. Until we get to present Decisive Kitchen Moment 2, 3, 4 and so on, please accept scene no 1 in a lot of confusing (but nice) versions, once again starring Jean Paul (Claude), the deer, the guests and the kitchen.