Getting ready for publication in world renowned London cycling magazine Rouleur, January 2011

The Cycle Racing Project part 6 You know, Mr. Morten Okbo(bo) (he is right now doing what musicians do when they look for the last two chords to close their fourth cd, but it has nothing to do with the case), Mr. Jakob the Chef (he is right now cooking german sausages in a peculiar and nice restaurant in Denmark, but this too has nothing to do with the case), Mr. Jorgen Leth (you know) and perpetri (that's us you know, or me to be quite honest), have made a special thing for Rouleur (you know, the best cycling magazine in the world). 

Here you have a sneak peek. You know, the detail from that kind of a diagram where you carefully every evening at eight write down how things are going in regard to speed, fatigue, wheels condition and so forth. In this case we are looking at the very uplifting end of the diagram where most riders would like to be the night before a big race.