New perpetri series soon ready for launch, January 2011

The On our Way Classic series We are doing a remake of a number of black and white perpetri old school works adding some nice text elements. It started out in December and we are pretty satisfied so far. We think the new "cover" versions still contain something quiet and poetic while at the same time gaining a bit more straight forward power both graphically and content-wise. You might say that something classic with a little twist has been tuned into something classic with some more twist. 

Speaking content the On our Way series simply deals with situations/scenes from the world of modern travelling. You know, the golden evenings out of season sitting outside on piazza San Marco-like squares (a full moon included), the late night coffee in the Frankfurt Flughafen-like departure lounge, the drive through a remote olive-like landscape which almost makes you fall apart (because you feel you probably would be happier living here doing simple things).