All of Us scene no.4 in a perhaps cooler version, March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 Just for a moment we enjoy leaving our self inflicted rules for the All of Us-series. This about having Mie Sofie actually sitting on a chair in the garage of scene no.4 for instance. What happens if we simply delete her from the picture and write AUTO instead. Doesn't it leave more room for the good garage atmosphere. Doesn't it leave more room for intriguing questions, so as: Where is the lady? After all you can still see her handbag on the floor. Has she gone for doing some shopping while they fix the car? Has she gone to the bathroom? Apparently not, while the door is still open. And by the way: Is there an airport close by? The airplane you can see through the skylight descending, indicates an airport. Doesn't it? Or is it just passing by?