'He is just changing the tires' - All of Us scene no.4, March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 We have scene no.4 ready. This scene - as the 3 previous ones - still operates with the ambition to portray everyday life with a natural twist. Something which we take very seriously. This time we are dealing with good garage mood. Please enjoy Mie Sofie who thinks they are only changing the tires. Scene no.4 is rather modest regarding colour. We think it is all plenty with brown and a dash of red, also considering that with this picture we are for the first time in history seeing a garage in art. Actually outrageous if you think about it. It is like art has been turning the blind eye to these places. The same goes for kitchens, supermarkets and indoor parties. We try to get hold on that. Speaking colours (lots of colours) and indoor parties please look forward to the coming scene no.5 with the working title: 'A festive evening except perhaps for Claude'.