'A festive evening except perhaps for Claude' - All of Us scene no.5, March 2011

The Basic All of Us Papers 1-10 A rough version of scene no.5. Clearly still some balancing and colouring to do. The reason why it is not that festive for Claude - not to be confused with Jean Paul (Claude) from scene no.1 - is that Claude as the only one thought one should come dressed. He feels awkward in his bear costume. We know they are right now listening to Sergio Mendes. To follow up on that we have to add some deep yellow-red-orange-black-blue-violet coloured rectangles somewhere in the picture. That will probably intensify the overall evening atmosphere as well. We look forward to bring you that final coloured version no.5 just as we look forward to bring you the coming scene no.6 (also picked up from everyday life) where a lot of businessmen on outdoor team building course try to hide behind some trees.

nb. Is the red stipulated line just for decoration? Yes it is. Almost. We are very sorry about that. It will probably be deleted. Also because it is a bit hard on Claude (who already has plenty to see to) insinuating that he is the one to blame for the fancy glass (actually the rocking glass by Normann Copenhagen we believe) just left directly on the floor. By the way in itself a silly detail, the thing about the glass - maybe we should delete that detail as well.