Competition entry: Art Decoration project for Gentofte Hospital/Kunstudsmykning til Gentofte Hospital, Copenhagen, July 2011

The hospital is right in the middle of everything / Hospitalet er lige i midten af det hele is the title of this Art Decoration project for a large hospital in Gentofte north of Copenhagen. Indicating that there is no reason why art decoration in a hospital should not connect directly, unpretentious and informal to LIFE in all its aspects as it folds out right inside and right outside the hospital. Balloons landing in the atrium (from the nearby balloon association), a typical barbecue evening in a typical Gentofte garden setting, a dream about being Jaques Costeau (which most of us has had), a sudden notion that right here in this corridor one is reminded of being in that cosy Gasthof interior with fireplace and wooden ceiling from last summer holiday. In each of the decorations complemented by passing by nurses, orderlies, doctors and patients on these cute small special transport vehicles always on their way from one hospital ward to another. No bronze torsos here with silly oppressing titles like Hope of Rebirth, just real life with humour, poetry and openings attached. No dull misunderstood respectfully cautious, but in fact depressing, pastel colors here, just vivid vibrant clear blue, red, yellow, green (in honour of the probably best Danish hospital art decoration ever, you know, the one at Herlev hospital, also Copenhagen, done by Poul Gernes).