Christmas grand art sale directly from the garage, December 2011

We - I and Vera Svetlakova - are working in a former Automobile Inspection facility. A garage to put it simple. This year we have placed a caravan right in the middle of everything. It's not a car but still. We bought it from a Bavarian near Zugspitze. It once almost played a part in a James Bond movie ("On Her Majesty's Secret Service" - the one with George Lazenby), the French version, but that is a completely different story, something about after all a too long distance from Zugspitze to Switzerland (where most of the movie was shot) and insurmountable problems in Rechenpass. Anyway. After having chosen the red picture you prefer (you are after all participating in a Christmas perpetri art sale event) and after having even paid for it, you can enter the caravan and totally at ease quietly start thinking that you might should have chosen the green one instead. Sometimes four even five people are sitting inside the caravan, relaxed yet thoughtful.

The perpetri Christmas art sale version2011 welcomes you from Monday to Friday right until the 23rd December in the garage (the trendy Studio) on Karupvej Aarhus. Opening hours 10-16.