Extensive Art decoration for Dalby Skole / Kunstnerisk udsmykning Dalby Skole, Kolding, June 2014

In May an 1.700 m2 extension and refurbishment of the very cosy and lively public school Dalby Skole - placed in the green, hilly landscape just south of Kolding, Denmark - was inaugurated. Along with the architectural extension also came a fully integrated perpetri art decoration project, designed precisely for the purpose of being in eye level with the children (in their earliest school years) and their world famous curiosity and at the same time strongly unfolding the sense of community you will find all over during a school day. Informality, humour, innocence and an embedded mild provocation to turn things upside down are vital elements to the design - happily corresponding a modern school with quite limitless height to the roof.

Please stay tuned for more site photos, more original drawings and more explanatory text to be available.

nb.1 the drawing above in all four showings, says "Shhh, we are spying on the teachers". It's designed for the broad staircase, actually situated in a core- and transition zone between large common areas dominated by children reading, drawing, eating, jumping, running around and staff room, head of school office etc. upstairs occupied with grown ups.
nb.2 the art decoration is divided into 6 Large Scenes and 17 Small Items. The "Shhh, we are spying on the teachers"-scene is one of the 6 Large Scenes.

Project info 
Title: "Hej unger, jeg er jeres nye skoleinspektør!" ("Hey kids, I'm your new headmaster!")
Client: The Municipality of Kolding
Address: Kolding, DK
Size architecture: 1.700 m2 (800 m2 extension, 900 m2 refurbishment)
Size art decoration: 170 m2
Architect: Tegnestuen Mejeriet (design architect)
Print: Damgaard Jensen
Technical support: OverTone
Artist supplies: Stelling/Sjøreen (and thank you 'Amsterdam' paint from Amsterdam)