Per Petri curating the exhibition project "Every Story Tells a Picture" at Utzon Center, June 2012

This exhibition - created in close collaboration between Cubo Architects, the Art Museum KUNSTEN and Utzon Center - was about the interaction between art and architecture. And a perspective of the works of the Cubo studio as well as a perspective of Danish art from 1994 to the present. 11 pieces of architecture from the Cubo studio met the art decoration of Malene Landgreen, Jørn Larsen, Maja Lisa Engelhardt,  Viera Collaro, Erik A. Frandsen, John Olsen, Troels Wörsel and myself Per Petri including an industrial monument, an artistic strategy, and a world perspective.

Exhibition period: April 20th through June 24th, 2012.
Exhibition title: Every Story Tells a Picture - Utzon Center
Location: Utzon Center, Aalborg, Denmark