"Truly a multi-piece furniture", June 2018

The decoration of the multi-piece furniture is a 'tattoo' with drawings of 35 doors of what might be - quite low practical and 'psychoanalytic' - behind the same 35 doors on a long functional wall in a large staff and event canteen in the middle of a large Danish educational institution:

THE VERY STRONG COFFEE FROM LOFOTEN - and with it, the winter tires stocked with reprimands from the pedals, the 'LIX number moderator' which can throw even the most eager student off, the Innovator (obviously nailed from the students), the confiscated breezers, the PUSH button for emergency technical help, tennis rackets for unsportsmanlike fight against Arla (relaxed strings on the loan rackets), countryside eggs from Hanne in administration (1, - per piece), yoga retreat (2 pers.) for after lunch break, team competence shelter with ongoing talk on the difference between case and strategy, the golf clubs for the business club, the staff library with the 'banned' books, the French outsider, strange guest teacher with the huge eyebrows - can be considered a BOMB UNDER ALL INSTITUTIONAL SERIOUSNESS.
Not like a riot. Not like the protest of the enlightened foolish. But as an added dimension.

That you can draw the lunch box, which was the only one in the financier's attaché folder when the subway train quickly ran out of a curve and the lid popped open. That turn. Again, not so much as a counter-language, as a humanizing co-language.
I strongly believe in that co-language.

'Truly a Multi Furniture' (the title of the decoration) is an exploration of that co-language.

Art decoration - inventory | Title: "Truly a multi-piece furniture" | Total size: 10.5 x 2.5 m | Black acrylic on birch veneer | Location: The canteen/guest lectures and event hall, The Main Building, EAAA Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark | Client: EAAA Business Academy Aarhus