Sketching and reflecting on sketching in regard to “What are you guys doing? Nothing really” - a 12 m wall painting for the EAAA, August 2019

EVERY TIME one don’t believe that one can draw, one don’t think so, not at all, how to draw a man, how to draw a fainted teacher, how to draw a car that has stopped at the side on a road that runs towards the horizon both a little Swedish and a little Danish and a little Arizona-like, how to draw two older men who are to look like Gilles Deleuze and Schumpeter (the process philosophical and conceptual fathers of Innovation - because this wall painting besides climate changes is about innovation!) who, sitting on the front seats while leaning against and out of the right side window, asks what the young people are doing. What they mess with. How to draw a fir tree, how to draw a mountain of cones. A set of headphones. How to draw a fox. How to draw a fox with headphones. Out in the forest where they set up. You are completely down on the line. And then you nevertheless come up with something that looks like something. You do that every time. As if you are going through Finland to get to Flensburg, which corresponds going from Miami to Havanna by passing Ireland.

I called David Lynch. He thought it all sounded very sensible. This out in the woods thing. If it weren't for all he did, he would shoot that scene. Especially with the fox. How big it was? Regular fox size. Then he didn't want to. Twice as big? Then he wanted to.

Preliminary studies | Wall painting | Title: “What are you guys doing? Nothing really” | Overall size on wall: 4 x 12 m | Location: The Innovatorium, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark