Wall painting no.3 "What are you guys doing? Nothing really" is in construction on the EAAA, October 2018

Before painting the actual wall paintings in the series of ongoing art decorations at the EAAA, we set up a temporary drawing background. You see that in these photos. It is a good technique when, as here, you want a precise outline.

The tough boys (the fitters) come by, and it is always a pleasure to watch the transformation of the wall in this middle stage, before I go on with paints, buckets and brushes. Sometimes, as here, you can think that this drawing stage, this intermediate stage, may well be the end result. That the black bottom with the white lines works well. But the drawing is just a template foil - the decoration in negative. Everything that is black turns white (in this case white), and everything that is white turns black (in this case, black). And that's the intention, and it's good too! Underlayer foil | Wall painting (approved by Grundfos) | Title: "What are you guys doing? Nothing really" | Size: 12,5 x 3,5 m | Location: The Innovatorium (sponsored by Grundfos), The Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark