The underlayer for the wall painting "The Innovator" is about ready, October 2018

Okay, we've now been running for weeks with the drawing material for the fourth wall art decoration "The Innovator" at the EAAA Business Academy, in Aarhus.

I keep saying that this is my most complex decoration to date. I said it in Brussels. I said it on Paper Island.

But this one.

Here you have the underlayer for almost half of that fourth decoration. The liberating silly French Guest Professor is also included in this fourth decoration although not being present. He is the person whom the student to the far left looks down upon with a kind of admiration, as he - in the middle of the neighboring decoration round the corner - tries to get to the top floor, ie up here, via a ladder.

Underlayer | Wall painting | Title: "The Innovator" | Size: 8 x 2,7 m | Location: Main Building, GROW, 1st floor, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark.