From party to sauna - a possible new art work on climate changes in sight, January 2019

There is a scene in Antonioni's film "Blow-up" in which the protagonist, London fashion and art photographer Thomas, intoxicating sixties cool in white jeans and always in blazing superficial speed, discovers a hidden (murderous) detail in a photograph he took earlier in the day of two in love on a bench in a park. The film then revolves exclusively around this elicited detail.

The same thing happened to me. Not that with the white jeans, but that I noticed a detail that lies far inside a much bigger picture, which subsequently demands to fill a new space. See the circle wrapped around a male person in the ongoing decoration project "The Party", which is 16 times larger than the slice in which the "male person" appears.

I need to squint my eyes to see him. In the way the sketch make him 'seem' to appear. And it is only in the photo of the sketch that it emerges. I have turned a circle around him to make it clear that he is there. He looks like the counterpart's lawyer in one's toughest lawsuit. I don't usually draw such a scam. He is the one I think can turn into the sauna man in a new climate work, which could be called simply "Sauna". I think it looks like he has a white towel around his neck and that his hair is sweaty just like when you've been in the sauna for a long time. So he has to go into a sauna, and inside that sauna he has to sit bent over, and while the sweat hails from him and runs down his upper lip he has to exclaim: "Shut up, this is hot". And with that, he, unsuspectingly, refers to climate change.

Detail from preliminary studies | Wall painting | Title: "The Party" | Size: 6 x 8 m | Location: EAAA, Main Building, Aarhus, Denmark