"The Fireplace" is intended as a 'warming' decor, February 2019

Why are there only fireplaces in villas and cottages? And at Noma (the world famous Copenhagen restaurant). They already have their share of cosiness and could actually live reasonably without the fireplace, while institutional buildings often tend to be in screaming need for elements to soften up. The "fireplace" is meant as a decoration that 'warms' in the middle of a large Danish educational institution - in this case the EAAA. When you, as a student or teacher, pass by, you hopefully find it cosy - ie the "fireplace" - like a real fireplace. If you stop by, however, you will definately also notice that the "Fireplace" at the same time is about the paradigm shift over all paradigm shifts (the climate changes) and the archtypical theme: the student-teacher relationship (in an almost psychoanalytic way).
Here you have a color pre-study on the underlayer we use as a first step for the actual painting on the wall.

Underlayer - color experiment | Wall painting | Title: "The Fireplace" | Size on wall: 3 x 6 m | Location: Mezzanine in Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark