The total prestudy for the wall painting "The Party", March 2019

Here we have the total preliminary study for the 6th decoration in the series of a total of so forth 7 decorations for the educational institution EAAA, Aarhus Business Academy. We are now convinced that the color turquoise blue will become the 'bottom' of the decoration, creating that significant yet airy background in front of which the complex scene can unfold.

About the further execution process: This total preliminary study will be followed by designing a final file in order to make an actual foil - temporary, mountable on the big wall, and securing the precision of the contour lines of the motif, finally followed by the artistic paint process directly on the wall.

Pre-study: Pencil on paper combined with digital color experiments |Wall painting Title: "The Party" Total size of wall decoration: 6 x 8 m Location: The Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark