"The Party" is under construction, March 2019

Work in progress.

Everything will change. It sounds prophetic but in this case we just mean it in regard to artistic matters, although its for sure true on a grander scale as well. Here is our change: In the following days all what is white will turn into a black contour line, all what is black we'll paint luminous turquoise blue and! here and there spotwise like sudden greener parts in the forest floor a pair of trousers, a shirt, a pullover bright red, just to emphasize the whole thing going on in this piece: that the very reason for the tiny signs of undressing, which counts for each and everyone of the 34 persons in "The Party", is the increasing global temperatures.

Title: "The Party".
Stage: Substrate before painting on the wall.
Total size of wall decoration: 6 x 8 m.
Location: The Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark.