4 handheld renderings for Bispehaven - a Danish city transformation project, Mayors Department Aarhus, May 2019

4 handheld renderings - in their BASIC daytime black and white edition.

We are at Bispehaven which translates to The Bishop’s Garden - a rough and fragile so called ghetto area in Aarhus. You know, city districts like Seine-Saint Denis, Paris or Hackney, East London. Here just on a far smaller scale.
Next ten years a lot is going to change. The Danish Parliament has decided to call for a major transformation in a number of Danish city districts.
In this case new connections through to the surrounding neighborhoods, to some extend demolition of existing blocks, new semidetached townhouses in a far more intimate scale, upgrade on green outdoor spaces shaped more for community and activities.

These handheld rendering describes and imagines what Bispehaven will look like in ten years from now. And, I have to admit, investigates how to make this kind of illustrations without the viewer being overwhelmed by boredom, suffocated in a total photographic similarity with reality and, most important, being left with a sense of non involvement.

Illustration Task | 4 drawings | Development Plan Bispehaven, 'Ghetto' Plan 2030 | Client: The Mayor's Department, Aarhus City Hall, and East Jutland Housing.