Reflections on "Monsieur - The French Guest Professor" - wall decoration for the EAAA, June 2019

Whether the wall decoration "Monsieur - the French guest teacher" comes in a red, yellow or as here in a white, black or brown version, it is, underneath its immediate ease, highly moralizing. I blankly admit that.

It is a reminder and a dizz.

A REMINDER for the young (in this case the young students at EAAA where the wall piece is situated) to let the windows so open that wind waves, monsoon jazz and foreign philosophies get lost in their hair and that even such a silly figure as the French guest professor (in the middle of the scene) gets help and escort to get away with his even more silly, but also lovable, ladder project.

A DIZZ (loving though) of all that has set itself - of course not how to catch a fish, kiss your children good night, but all the feeble, the proverbials, the agreed-upon games, the summaries, the echoing, the dum lingo, the dull, the parked cars, the non love, the skepticism - so you end up standing with one foot in a shoe from a department store self-promoting on the radiator (at the bottom of the scene) and shutting down on the French guest professor's admitted, yes, ridiculous but nonetheless noble venture, to bring Confit de Canard and baguettes for the young students up there on the 1st floor via ladder, although there is already a legally designed staircase only fifteen walking steps away.

Underlayer - white, black and brown version | Wall painting | Title: "Monsieur - The French Guest Professor)" | Size on wall: 4 x 6 m | Location: Atrium, Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark