Still considering The Italian Project, June 2019

Still considering. We said it weeks ago. But it is so. Still considering. One drawing - the one you see here - winds up two pair of glasses. What we have in mind is 4 times bigger. And important questions keep coming. Take this for instance: Is The Italian Project sufficiently unsynchronised with Time.

Let's hold on to 4 times as many views: 210 prospects. On sheets as large as doors. Add the framing, smoked Umbrian oak, if such thing exist. Even Christer Strömholm would have told his young girlfriend with whom he always shared a chicken the strangest places in the house, look there!

Still considering though.

Let me put it this way: I'll confer with Italy, the silence, my glasses and the first hip, distinguished and peculiar buyer - a macros manufacturer on Frederiksberg, (a noble old Copenhagen district), a hotel owner in San Remo (even more noble).

Test drawing, 56 x 76 cm | Ink and pencil on paper | “The Italian Project” | 56 Views