"Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)" is ready for getting painted on the wall - BLANC ou NOIR?, November 2018

This is the drawing, in a white and a black version, performing as the underlayer
prior to painting “Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)” directly on the wall.
‘Monsieur’ is a trick used throughout art history. Like Peter Sellers in the lavishly 60’s-iconic “The Party” he is a spielverderber, questioning - actually setting fire to - our adopted ways of conduct. That’s a healthy thing. ‘Monsieur’ uses a ladder in his attempt to reach the 1st floor. An ordinary staircase is just across the atrium. That’s Monsieur! We use a scaffolding. Not that it’s intended, but this is by the way probably the one of the seven wall paintings all together done for the EAAA being closest to the sober, naive clearness of Hergé’s TinTin. We’re not sorry about that closeness Underlayer | Wall painting | Title: "Monsieur (The French Guest Professor)" | Size on wall: 4 x 6 m | Location: Atrium, Main Building, EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark