The Bruxelles Painting - When you pour black onto the original, this happens!, August 2019

Sometimes you do experiments without the experiment being related to a specific assignment and client. An investigation for the sake of the investigation itself. This is the case here. Pouring black ‘onto’ our most complexe single art work yet - The Bruxelles Painting, with its peculiar French title - is an experiment which in our view seems alluring and promising.

In a few days it will turn out that this experiment goes perfect and synchronously together with an ongoing artwork project that we are doing right know where excactly the balance between black and white might could be the most significant feature. 

Throw back 2016 | Art work - commisioned | Title: "Le Chaos de Bruxelles - Le Chaos de la Famille" | Size: 140 x 100 cm (sheet) / 157 x 117 cm (framed) | Paper: Fabriano Academia, 400 gr | Client: Private (incredible wealthy family, yet chaotic in every sense of the word), Uccle, Bruxelles