Sketching on a new transportable, expandable wall piece, August 2019

Initial sketching is always very introductory. It feels wobbly. 128 times as many questions as answers. All answers negotiationable. Nada laid down.

And you talk to yourself. Swedish hermit. What kind of a bright red 'funnel' is that? What's that thing lying at the bottom of the motif? And pink? There should be no pink! Yes, there shoud be! No, there shouldn't. The whole thing on the contrary must be black and white. Sharp, clear, drenched black and white. Like an organizational document dreaming. With a little pink? No, not pink at all. And you're sure? Yes. Absolutely sure? Almost. But the man lying horizontal? The thing at the bottom? Yes. He's going away! You're sure? No!

... "Like an organizational document dreaming". Yes, what about it? It sounds good! Do you think? Yes, that sounds monstrously good! And beautiful? Yes, very beautiful!

Wall piece Expandable, transportable Size: 4 x 2 m | Work title: Like an organizational document dreaming" Location: Denmark