The Bruxelles Painting - When you imagine a painting being much bigger than the original, August 2019

Hallway - The Danish Embassy in Brussels (Bruxelles). No, we're kidding!

This is a way of investigating, actually 'sketching', in relation to another and quite different art project going on right know at our studio. Playing with scale and color balance in the Bruxelles Drawing done years ago, gives us some important hints on which way to go in the present Danish one.
But the idea is maybe not that bad. Paying hommage to the country, the city in which you are promoting your presence by simply portraying - in this case - the city hosting you. Another thing. The original Bruxelles Drawing is about a doors size (not as tall though). In this experiment it’s collosal. And you know what, you and us with never a surrealist on the nighttable. It’s probably the darkness. It’s probably the darkness of the black, not far from how perceived through the velvet glasses of Merleau-Ponty, Breton and Lynch, that’s tempting us to blow up the size, as if one would like to lean shoulder and back wise into the darkness, into the city by night, into a paradox of simultaneously lost and nursed, bewildered, cradled and carried away, all by sitting here waiting and talking and discussing in the hallway of - let’s say - the embassy. Experimental work | Originated from commisioned (double)Portrait | Title: "Le Chaos de Bruxelles - Le Chaos de la Famille", 2016 | Size: 157 x 117 cm (framed) | Client: Private, Uccle, Bruxelles