The French Guest Professor is one of several characters in "Truly a multi-purpose furniture" - an art project on 10,5 m furniture 'wall' for the EAAA, June 2018

We are currently working on a piece of wall art directly painted onto a 10,5 m long multi-purpose funiture for the staff and guest canteen and guest lectures hall at the EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus - a large educational institution in Denmark.

The concept goes like this:
What is fictitious behind the doors of such a multi-purpose furniture that is designed to 'solely' accommodate the wardrobe, coffee machine and water dispenser and additionally be the backdrop for the food and activities in the staff and guest canteen? That's the thing. To answer that. What would the teachers / staff (secretly) want behind the gates? What are they going to stuff in there? Does what is behind the lower doors answer to the staff's most subconscious yearnings? 

In the middle of it all, or rather, on the edge of it all, physically to the far right, 'The French Guest Professor' stands inside the fictious closet behind three of the gates, just arrived from perhaps Gare du Nord. Or Lyon. You are allowed to dream. He is easily recognized by the alpine hat, his neat mustache (mustache perhaps is an understatement), his bright trench coat and the obligatory flĂ»te. 

He, the French Guest Professor, arrives in a Danish educational world filled with educators, lix speech accelerators, learning goals, business, winter tires and strong teachers coffee ('behind' the other gates). All in all, a MULTI furniture - and maybe the most crazy project from the studio so far.

Underlayer regarding one of 15 motifs distributed on 35 'doors' for 'wall' painting on multi-purpose furniture | Title (whole project): "Truly a multi-piece furniture" | Paint on birch veneer | Total size: 10.5 x 2.5 m | Location: The canteen/guest lectures and event hall, The Main Building, EAAA - Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark