Being climatic without explicitly saying it - looking back on "The Party" , September 2019

We wished to do a wall painting being highly climatic without explicitly saying it.

The EAAA (both client and location of this wall painting) is throwing its big annual party. That’s the premise. And temperatures has gone up. That’s the hidden premise.

There you have the basic idea for “The Party”. A collapsing disturbing overlap between a very visible happy party (like if everything is good) and climate changes (like if we’re not going to survive) operating ‘underneath’. If you zoom in on this preliminary study you’ll see the first and ongoing signs of undressing each and every character in the giant scene as a depiction of the logic and understandable consequence taken by each party participant in order not to jungle sweat throughout the night.

Take the Headmaster for instance. Red jacket, jumping above the ‘swimmer’. Note his reduced trousers, naked buttocks and thighs. Note the L-shaped figure, red trousers, head upsite down (teacher or student) with his almost fully unbuttoned shirt. Note the secretary on her way out of the whole picture (trampoline recoil), her air permeable skirt. And so on.

Preliminary study (section) on wall art piece "The Party" | Size on wall: 6 x 8 m | Location and client: EAAA, Business Academy Aarhus, DK | Year: 2019