Bruxelles by day and by night - digitally restored, December 2019

The giant drawings from the Bruxelles assignment are finally restored - digitally speaking - in their left lower corners.

Although the whole motif being a consequent and continuous mix of and intersection between Bruxelles and the family living within it, the balance between the two differs. Thus: In the lower left corners - the newly restored ones - you have a significant majority of family related artefacts and situations. 

Art work - commisioned | Title: "Le Chaos de Bruxelles - Le Chaos de la Famille" | Size: 140 x 100 cm (sheet) / 157 x 117 cm (framed) | Paper: Fabriano Academia, 400 gr | Client: Private (incredible wealthy family, yet chaotic in every wonderful sense of the word), Uccle, Bruxelles