Could be Venice, January 2020

Old stuff. New stuff.

I think it fits the time of year. Possibly it will form part of a future art print project round the corner.

It looks a little like Venice doesn’t it.
I will be going to Lisbon in a few weeks. To start working on a drawn portrait of the city on its hills. Though being a gigantic task (I think it is!), I sense it will be a beautifully quiet one.

Just before going back home I will do something wrong, grab a lemon or something, and flee headlessly in a Renault Twingo (the fastest car on Earth) up through Europe just to feel how it was being Caravaggio. If I manage to reach L√ľneburger Heide I’ll get out of the car and hide behind a pine bush.

Drawing | Title: “We are all up in the room - light is coming out from between the shutters” | Year: 2020 (remake) / 2011 (original)