Closing even more in on the wall painting for Danish CFBO, February 2020

Drawing the underlayer for a wall painting five meters long is coming to an end.

It is to be a contemporary portrait of a modern and expanding company deep into exploring and shaping the framework for good life in good cities. The amount of details in this portrait surpasses everything I have ever done. It's one of the charateristics shaping this specific project. So happy about it. 

Most probably this portrait is the excact opposite of defining a company’s DNA by something to be perceived faster than the speed of light and as instantly effective as a lightning strike.
This is slow. Well, yes, the process getting here was slow. Go ask the company. But I mean slow, comprehension wise. This is only a part of the whole underlayer for the whole wall painting company portrait. Let’s imagine it’s up there on the grand wall. 5 meters long. By the time you are finished getting the details right and kind of grasping a hint of the four elements repeated over and over secretly depicting that DNA, you are either fired (because you were in a meeting) or all too late to catch picking up the kids, the dog, your wife at anything, even late cello lessons. Or both. My ambition? My hope? That slow will do just fine.

Drawing/Underlayer | Wall painting - portrait of an architectural planning office | Title: “Do you wanna go to Agger Tange?” | Size: 5 x 2 m | Client: CFBO (Aarhus-Copenhagen) Year: 2019-2020