Colour experimenting on company portrait "Do you wanna go to Agger Tange", March 2020

I am not happy about the Corona virus. Deeply concerned would be the word. But I’m happy about this project which is progressing as planned. Overwhelmingly happy. A company portrait with the artistic and intellectuel ambition of being the excact opposite of a smooth, good looking, quickly absorbed and after all indifferent depiction.

Currently we are at that second last stage where colour experiments are taking place, basicly having 4 versions in play: A black and white by day, a black and white by night (cones of light coming from the desk lamps and lanterns), a coloured and a multi coloured. A line, you might say, from restrained to wild. 

This one is from the 'semi wild' category. Brown, red, black. 

Portrait of an urban planning office and the world around it | Phase: Final adjustments | Title: “Do you wanna go to Agger Tange?” | Size: 5 x 2,5 m | Client: CFBO (Aarhus, Copenhagen) | Year: 2019-2020