The Namur book drawing project, October 2020


The Namur book drawing project is about drawing selected scenes from the Namur book, which is a novel underway and which takes place in Belgium.

The book is going beyond 700 pages these days, so the number of scenes is challenging numerous – as in endless. That might seem as a problem but it's not.

The Namur book (which carries the title "Summerdays in Namur") and its associated drawings (which seem to become paintings in fact) is possibly the all time underlying project both in work load and importance in regard to what should be leaving this studio after all. One values all the commissions passing through but this one is the deepest. Writing "Summerdays in Namur" and drawing, I mean painting the crazy, happy, unhappy scenes from it, feels like the most natural easy flowing I've ever done while of course being the biggest challenge.

The down to Earth part of this – both in regard to the book and the drawings, I mean the paintings – is that all with no exception takes place in Namur (which is not a large city) and the big scrumbly house we inhabit in Rue Moufage. From top to bottom (the two sketched examples above): The bank in Namur (what a bank!) and the shortest of tennis matches in the vast sunken garden behind our house.