Company portrait – Extensive Wall painting “Do you want to go to Agger Tange?” – Final cut – March 2021

This is a commissioned company portrait. It’s set out to portray the life and the values of an architectural Danish planning office founded in Aarhus but now working from Copenhagen as well.

The portrait measures 5,5 by 2 metres and has been developed over a long period in close collaboration with the company. I think the portrait is the opposite of a fast running, simplified, reduced, instantly comprehensible, easy to grasp portrait.

In fact. I think it’s the exact opposite.

The amount of time it takes getting familiar with the logic, the composition, the ocean of details mirrors the time it took to do the portrait: One year :)

I think the thing I personally like the most about the portrait is the overall sense of journey. We talked about it on various occasions and in various meanings. The vast horizon (cities, knowledge, history, society, life, wishes, hopes, economy, climatic challenges, all kind of aspects, an overall awareness and ambition you might say), the strawl of projects each and every one (look for the grand balls, some of them painted blue) being initiated and defined, their onward continuation and the intimacy between all the parties and people collaboratively involved underway. I think that journey is visible in the portrait - two thirds into the picture, it’s ‘fix point’ (when moving from left to right), an almost Lawrence of Arabia feeling to it. 

The client who commissioned the portrait still to be announced. More to follow...

Wall art decoration and company portrait: “Do you want to go to Agger Tange”, 550 x 200 cm

The section above is situated more or less two thirds into the portrait’s length of 5 meter when ‘read’ from left to right. Another two sections more to the left:

We did a large number of varied coloured versions before going with the one above. Here below you have some of the night ones, which were abandoned after all although we loved that night feeling. Actually we found the lit areas in the midst of a surrounding night intriguingly moody.

Some of the ‘wildly’ coloured versions: