Large Art Decoration project for a global company in Denmark is being completed these days – May 2021

This picture shows one of the starting shots for an art decoration project, which here 8 months later is coming to completion.

I like that starting shot a lot. I like it for the colours and for the relaxed way of drawing. And I also like it for it’s sense of freedom content wise. I have turned up the lighting, yes, I admit, but try to see the freedom in all the public transport whizzing through the picture. See the light rail along the water. They cook on top of the light rail WHILE it runs. They sit and talk on top of it, they sit back in armchairs and watch old-fashioned television. They stand up inside the light rail wagons with the sliding doors left open by the driver so they all can feel the air of the Sea passing by right in front of them. And they all wear cowboy hats and straw hats and other kinds of hats because everyone does that in town. And it all seems so easy and poetic. Like a day at the Sea. And there is one more train set, which is more up in the sky than on the tracks. And there are three giant fish. There are also rice paper lamps that hang along the entire path along the water, in a completely Japanese-like way.
It's a rebellious drawing*. I would like to admit also that. But poetic. It’s dreamy. That it is. I think. Dreamy. Also with all those power lines.

I hope the ‘air’, the vulnerability, the poetry in this starting shot has been held alive during the process and here and there can be felt through out the 7 wall paintings and the adjacent glass facades.

Project wise. Thanks for the journey.

* No public transportation will ever be like that :).

Nb. Due to reasons of discretion no further details and pictures as well as name on client to be disclosed.

“The Seven Aarhus Portraits” | 2020-2021 | 7 Wall Paintings | 7 Glass Walls | 1 Floor Painting | Global company’s branch office, Aarhus, Denmark