Finnish interior – initial study – June 2021



A pre- and color study for a Finnish interior.

The abstract is on the verge of ‘winning’ over the concrete in this assignment. I think it marks a new way of working and a path to new modes of expression project wise – in addition to the ‘old’ ones. In the right part of this study a man swings liberatedly around between table lamps that turn upside, but you have to look closely. 

The assignment forms part of the strangest business concept in a small town far out in the woods. 
The assigning company has four partners who always pick me up in a converted Lada. Without the pre- and color studies being explicit on what they do and who they are, they (the Finns) nevertheless find their business concept and it’s vibe portrayed. That it is sort of inside the images. They even find themselves portrayed they say which (also) is the task. 

Ongoing | Scope: a series of wall interior decorations | Client: not to be disclosed for the moment | Location: Finland