“The Seven Aarhus Portraits” – 3 of 7 wall painting underlayers eligible for being shown – January 2022


Some of the underlaying works for 7 wall paintings each decorating one wall in 7 meeting rooms in a new refurbished branch office facility (all of which completed in summer 2021) are now eligible for being shown.

The 7 wall paintings each portrays a selected place (a street, a square, a neighbourhood etc.) in the city of Aarhus where the branch office is situated. Set out to support a sense of local anchoring within the overall international ‘air’ (the commissioning company is highly international) as well as giving priority to playfulness, humor, diversity and curiosity (core company values on work environment), the whole art project basically evolves around creating playful Aarhus portraits.

The underlaying works shown here are the ones we did for the following wall paintings – named after their location in Aarhus:
  • Sydhavnen (The Southern Harbour – a creative hub under transformation), 2 stages
  • Ballehage (A beach by the forest in close vicinity to Aarhus)
  • Filtenborg (The square at the beginning of the road leading towards the Queens residence)
Due to reasons of discretion no further details and pictures as well as name on client to be disclosed for the moment.

Full art interior
Title: “The Seven Aarhus Portraits”, 2020-2021
Scope: 7 wall paintings, 7 glass facades, 1 floor painting
Location: Global company’s branch office, Aarhus, Denmark