Getting ready for Per Petri Store – fine art prints – April 2022

Per Petri Store is a webstore based in Aarhus, Denmark presenting high quality art prints exclusively by Per Petri.

Technically there has been worked hard on the colours in ‘The Kitchen Series’ – one of the first series to enter the store – which should stand out unrivalled deep, chalky and glowing. We think we’ve gotten there, pouring 4 times the normal amount of color onto the paper. ‘The Kitchen Series’ wants to portray, through quite lovingly meant stereotypes, what is truly Italian, specifically Danish, truly French.

In the quiet zone (but not that dark after all) you’ll find ‘The Italian Views’. It’s a slow, classic thing.

The idea is to continue to be playful and expand the aesthetics, both in regard to the collections at hand and to a load of coming ones (eg. the Ferris Wheel Collection from the Swedish gondola factory in Uppsala) adding all from Portuguese sardines to magic table lamps. We’ll continue to work with deep colors and Europe as an endless field of poetry and diversity.

Per Petri Store is tiny which we regard as a quality. High standards on printing quality means giclée quality, carefully picked types of paper for each collection and nerdedly bypassed software as to increase amount of ink on the paper surface. Printing work is done solely and closely together with the excellent small printing crew from Plotteriet, Aarhus, Denmark.

Each art print is printed and cut on demand and signed with an embossed stamp.