Michelier Bleu – additional art prints for The Kitchen Series – July 2022

This deals with depicting a blender from Michelier, edition speciale Tour de France, model Pic-Nic. Settings named after the toughest climbs. placed in environment, out on one of the stages, in the Alps, or the Pyrenees, in the evening among the campers and families, calm wind, the uncles reading L'Equipe, the housewives getting the evening meal under control, wine vinegar, eggs, salad, the men jumping over the fence where it is lowest, all the habengut, all the habengut brought along, plastic folding chairs with armrests, tous les choses, and the colorful audiencefences up along the road, the full moon, before the morning's legendary mountain stage. The mountains close by, the mountains far away. The light falling from an open door, the electric bulbs on wires under the canopies. A tribute to it all. Heartfelt from Michelier.

“It has to be so that if you took the blender out, it would still be a good picture. A better one, actually,” says old Raimond Michelier. I think that is well said. That way of looking at it.